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Pledge 100

#100GirlsLeading's Day of Interactive Mentorship for Girls is an event that not only connects hundreds of girls and women together but, we give the ultimate goody bags and backpacks to our girl attendees. 


We are challenging women and men to pledge and donate 100 of their item of choice for girls ages 9-18 such as hair care products for all textures, journals, nail polish, water bottles, necklaces, and so forth.


01. Read the "NOTE" below before filling out the form.

02. Pick your item to donate.

03. Provide your name, business/organization name, preferred email, 

phone number, and item of choice.

04. Set a date, time, and location for drop-off.

05. Submit your pledge!

NOTE: Items are to be purchased by the donor in a bulk of 100. All donated items will be collected by a #100GirlsLeading staff member during any scheduled drop-offs.

Fill out the Donation form 

Donate: Pledge 100
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