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Our Mission

#100GirlsLeading, Inc. provides access to mentorship programs for underserved girls ages 9-18 to academically and economically empower them to become effective leaders in their lives, careers, and communities. 

Our Background


On January 16, 2019, our founder Bobbi Brown hosted an interest meeting at a local cafe in Bridgeport, Connecticut for women who were drawn to the idea of gathering 100 girls for one day of empowerment, mentorship, and fun in early June. That day, 29 Bridgeport women joined Bobbi to help her expand her vision, and it did not stop there.


Bobbi and her team not only continued to meet but started The Girls Tour where they would travel to three dozens schools in Southern Connecticut for four months to spread the word on, what is today, #100GirlsLeading's Day of Interactive Mentorship for Girls. This day is a time where girls, 9-18, are introduced to new career paths, new social groups, and new game changers in their communities.

As a result of their hard work, 800 elementary, middle, and high school girls were registered, and 500 girls, from the ages of toddlers to teens, were connected with 16 programs and over 100 women in power at our launch. Every girl walked away with a mentor and membership to a local network dedicated to the practice of mentorship as well as academic and economic empowerment.

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