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Our Mission

#100GirlsLeading, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Bridgeport, Connecticut that provides access to mentoring programs for underserved girls ages 9-18 to empower them to lead locally and globally. 

Our Events

Want a mentor from your community? #100GirlsLeading has a variety of ways you can get connected to a network! 

Our free workshops, training, and empowerment events for girls ages 9-18 will introduce you (yes, you) to hundreds of women and girls in power and networks you never knew existed, and the best part, there are women and girls that live right in your area!  Feel free to also check out our calendar for upcoming events.

Message from Our Founder

While away in college, I was introduced to women who helped me transition into an academic-led life, to ultimately, an adulthood. From that experience, they helped me realized that the people we encounter on a daily basis play key roles in our lives. They can guide us by showing us the ins and outs of a new chapter such as college or entrepreneurship. But, they can also be presented as our role models without having to be of a high social status in our communities. Our young girls need women who they can connect and reach at a personal level. If you truly believe you should not have to look far for someone to help you enhance your life, the women and networks we work with at #100GirlsLeading are exactly the mentors you have been searching for who are right within your reach.


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